Top FREE Paypal Cash & Amazon.com Gift Card Reward Sites. Rated By Actual Users!! | Ebates

Ebates offers cashback shopping at your favorite stores online.  Just login to your free Ebates account before you make an online purchase or install the Ebates app on your computer and get paid. I usually either set Ebates as my home page screen so I don’t forget to shop through their site.  The cash back is awesome, but I kind of like it most because it already has tons of coupons right there on the site.  Once you search for your product or store and click on it, then it shows you what coupon codes they have for it. When I tell my friends and family to get on there already, the question I’m asked the most is, “Are the prices the same?”  YES.  It’s the same ding-dong website that you are on if you didn’t go through Ebates.  Of course it’s the same.

Listen…you shop online anyway…might as well get paid for it!  It adds up.  Believe me. Ebates is a worthwhile site to get cashback (without coupon clipping) especially if you like to shop online.  Do.  It.      NOW.


PS: If you have any questions, post them here; I’ll help the best I can.

DailyMamaDrama 🙂

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