The Home Schooling Option


To home school or not to home school?  That might be your question.

To that, my answer is: think long and hard about that. For whatever reason, some mothers think that home schooling is the best option. Some are afraid of what lurks in public schools.  Some have a freakish attachment and cannot bear to see their little cherubs head off to somewhere else each day.  Others have no idea what they’d do with themselves once their children are school-aged, so they choose to home school them.  I know there are even some people out there who truly believe that they are smart enough and well-equipped enough to educate their children better than a teacher who, let’s face it, has pretty much devoted his or her life to teaching.  To those people, I simply say…I hope so!  Because, listen…if you choose to home school your children, you better do it right.  Don’t keep them home, in your weird little pretend school, because you fear what they’ll encounter in public schools.  If you insist on keeping them in a bubble, then you better be doing the home schooling thing right.  I say, if you’re keeping your kid away from the independence-building, lesson-learning (both academic and life lessons)  atmosphere of the school environment, then your kid better be factoring polynomials by age six, be fluent in a second language, and work for a big chunk of the day.  I know someone who “home schools” her kids and spends most days at the freaking arcade with them.  REALLY?   How is that helping them?  If you’re going to do it, do it right.  Be sure that your curriculum meets or exceeds what is expected by the state.  Don’t screw your kid because you want to play teacher.  End of story.

There’s my two cents.  You didn’t ask for it, but there it is.

DailyMamaDrama 🙂


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