New Year’s Resolutions?

Completely  exhausted, I forced myself (my husband and the little one, too) out the door tonight to hit a local New Year’s Eve party “for a little bit”.  I figured we’d hang for a few hours, get home way after the little one’s bedtime, and then crash.  Turns out, it would literally only be for a little bit. (I should’ve seen that one coming.)  I suppose the little one did not feel like partying downloadbecause she self-destructed within an hour of arriving.  What evs.  New Year’s Eve is overrated, anyway! Right?

Tonight is the night I announced that leaving parties before the dessert was served was my thirty-ninth worst thing about being a mother.  As much as I love my sweet child, I note the “downs”, as well as the “ups”, while on this crazy parent adventure.  I note…a lot.  I note the shit out of this parent stuff. And today, I noted that I miss dessert.

While I’m not stuffing my face with delicious cookies as the countdown to the new year begins, I am reflecting on the last year.  Much to my amusement,  I can’t seem to remember if I had made any New Year’s resolutions.  Why do I find that funny?  Well, you see… I’m so sick of the bullshit I hear every year of “a new year…a new me”.   Really people?  Come on, now.  I cannot remember the last time anyone I’ve ever met actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution.  Let me tell you something… if more people stuck to them, there’d be a lot less fat people and smokers in our world.  Enough said.

With that being said, I am going to make one tonight.  Here and now.  With my readers (and my husband) as my witness.  I am going to eat right, exercise, and loss a shit-ton of weight.  Just kidding!  Don’t you think that’s been a resolution of New Years past?   FAIL!   No…for real…I resolve to write more.  I will write on here. I will write more books.  I will write notes to my daughter.  I will write …MORE.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  (Keep it simple folks, and you won’t be drinking your complete failure of an ass into a self-loathing drunken stupor on December 31st, 2017.)   Let us know how you plan to better yourself, your life, or your world in 2017.

DailyMamaDrama 🙂




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