Bad Moms…


After months of trying to summon up the time and the energy to stay up and simply watch a movie with my husband after the little one was asleep, I put down the dishrag, kicked off my fuzzy slippers, plopped down on the couch, and we finally watched Bad Moms.  I’m not going to lie, I was morbidly curious about how BAD the bad moms would be.  I mean, were they leave-their-kid-at-the-mall-to-go-sell-crack bad?  Or just, “MOMMMMM! You didn’t cut the crust off my sandwich!” bad?  Oh, how I was curious.

All in all, it was a cute flick…lots of laughs…decent ending…a little far-fetched, but here’s the take-away.  No one’s perfect.  Did ya hear that?  I’ll turn it up for you.   NO ONE’S PERFECT.   Yeah, there are a lot of moms out there that would like you to think they’re perfect.  Think of one that you know.  She always seems so put together.  Her hair is flawless.  Her outfit is totally on.  Her nails are not nubbins of bitten flesh. She’s alllll that.   I hope that y’all know there is NO SUCH THING.  In reality, she hates herself, is hooked on Vicodin, and her husband is screwing the nanny.   I don’t know that for sure, but I’m betting it’s something similar.  For real.   In a way, we’re all “bad moms”.   In my mind, just how willing you are to show your “bad-mom-ness” is directly proportionate to how happy you are in real life.  My mom friends who are self-proclaimed “bad moms” are the happiest.  I shit you not.


It might’ve been just a cute movie, but it sure got me thinking…

What was the worst thing you’ve ever done as a mom?  For me, I don’t have a super specific incident that sticks in my mind.  I might’ve been the time I continued through my shopping jaunt long after I realized that the little one had peed through yet ANOTHER outfit.  Maybe it was the other day when I mom-shamed a few other moms just because they annoyed me. Who knows?  I’ll have to reflect on my own bad-mom-ness as I drift off into a restless sleep tonight.  However, I cannot count on 100 hands the times I fell to tears thinking I was doing it all wrong.

I wonder…who is the brave reader who will post their worst moment first?  Do it.  I dare you. 

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