I could not live without…


As a fairly new mom, I sometimes laugh at ALL the “stuff” I bought and received as gifts that I didn’t even need or use.  As I pack all that unnecessary stuff up here and there and stow it away in case I get pregnant again, I often think about which items were the most helpful as my husband and I embarked on the oh-so-scary and unpredictable adventure of parenthood.

A New Baby: From Zero to One Year:

For zero to one year, I found that I couldn’t possibly live without my baby monitor.  The little one slept in the crib, and I really did not expect to need and rely on that stinking monitor so much, but what a help it was!  And still is!  In the throws of newmomhood, I also found myself online ordering whatever would “make my life easier”.  It’s true.  If you have the means or maybe you stashed some gift cards you received for your shower, then do it.  Buy whatever would make life easier in that moment in time, because let’s face it, this shit’s hard.  I found that multiples of almost everything the little one came into contact with every day was a must (onesies, sleepers, etc.)  I had SO many burp cloths.  So many.  And it made life easier. It sounds a little ridiculous, but it did.  Our little one was a spitter-upper, so until I started buying tons of burp cloths, I had to do so much laundry, and let’s face it, that sucks beyond sucking.  I could barely function in my sleep-deprived stupor, so the last thing I wanted to do was schlep another load of laundry up and down the steps.  The less I had to do that, the better.

Getting the Swing of Things…Kind Of:  One to Two Years Old

From one to two years old, if your little booger is a pacifier junky, then buy like twenty of them.  I’m not even exaggerating.  Two…zero…twenty.  Scatter that shit around the edge of the crib like they’re freaking flower petals and you’re a little flower girl.  The whole perimeter should be speckled with little pacifiers if your little sucker relies on them.  Once that baby is rolling around in the crib, she will find the pacifier on her own and not have to cry for you to come pop one in her mouth every few freaking hours.  What a lifesaver it was buying those beloved pacifiers in freakin’ bulk.  No kidding.  While you’re at it, buy those pacifier clips.  Don’t leave the house without that stupid pacifier clipped to something that’s coming with you.  Just don’t.

I jumped on the room-darkening-curtain bandwagon a little late, but what a difference it made!  I say GET THEM if you don’t have them already.  Would you want to help your baby sleep later in the morning? YES, please!  Worked for us.



I’ll be adding to this list here and there, but that is all I can think of for now.   What items did you find absolutely lifesaving while you were in the thick of it all?  Comment, and if I agree, I will add yours to my list.



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